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In May 2009, a Conference Board of Canada report ranked Calgary first in global prosperity. Calgary’s economy is the strongest in Canada and is the fastest growing in North America. While the economy of the surrounding region is largely supported by agriculture, Calgary itself has a more diversified economy.


Apart from occupying a prominent position with the global energy industry, Calgary is the North American hub for the Pacific Northwest by road, rail and air and is home to the largest number of technology start ups per capita in Canada. The TV and film industry is a significant contributor to the local economy as well as tourism. Apart from revenue derived from with Calgary’s strategic location as the gateway to the Rocky Mountains, the Calgary Stampede generates millions of dollars in uncalculated economic value for the region.


Calgary’s business-friendly tax structure and relatively low operating costs create an ideal climate for commerce. The Calgary International Airport is the third busiest airport in the country and the city boasts the greatest concentration of head offices in Western Canada.

For futher information regarding Calgary’s economic climate, please visit Calgary Economic Development.